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Our Policies:


We need to update personal information files on each patient every year.

We need to update your personal information yearly in order to make sure your insurance is billed properly. Please inform us of any change in insurance, address, employer, or retirement.

What payment is required?

Copayment is required at the time of your visit. A $5 service charge will be added to your bill if it is not paid at the time of your visit. For certain insurances, and self-pay patients we require full payment at the time of the visit. We reserve the right to charge a $5 service charge if this is not

Allowed forms of payment:

We accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover card. Please ask for a receipt with all cash payments.

The patient is responsible for total charge.

Any balance billed should be paid within 30 days. After 120 days any unpaid balance will be sent to collections. We will terminate any doctor/patient relationship (with sufficient notice) that has been sent to collections.

Outside testing/referrals:

You are 100% responsible for the cost of any lab work, radiologic tests or other procedures done here or elsewhere. It is your responsibility to know what testing your insurance covers. For certain tests our office will attempt to get authorization from your insurance company, but it is YOUR responsibility to let us know if you need authorization. Please let us know 1 week in advance of your test. Confirm with our office 48hrs prior to your test that authorization is complete.

Charge for insufficient funds check:

There is a $25 dollar fee for bounced checks.

Charge for copies of charts

There is a $0.25 charge per page of your chart.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any aspect of our financial policy.



We look forward to being your partner for better health!

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