Top 10 reasons we are the Best Physicians in Massena

March 1, 2023

Maybe I am biased, but I feel pretty confident that if you walk into our office, you are going to get the best care in town.


1. We listen

Imagine yourself the last time you sat in the exam room.  Did you get an opportunity to ask all your questions? Did you feel like you got to tell your whole story and share all your concerns?  Do you feel like your doctor actually cared about you?  WE DO.  We care, we listen, we are empathetic.  We want to hear your story, and we want you to feel like you are being heard. It’s the one compliment our patients tell us the most, and we are so proud about that.  Everyone deserves a physician that truly cares about us.


2. We are thorough and conscientious

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail.  We make sure everyone has the opportunity for a dedicated preventative visit every year.  We review all guidelines and offer treatment recommendations.  We use shared decision making to ensure you are up to date on all available treatment options.  We also follow through.  We have staff call if you forgot to get a test done, we have text reminders to help you stay current with your care.  We spend our entire day making sure your healthcare is up to date.


3. Our staff is compassionate

You don’t come to the only to see the doctor. There are many people who you interact with before you even walk into the exam room. From the receptionist to the nurse, you want people to greet you with a smile.  Everyone of our staff members works with us because they love taking care of people, and they actually care about people.  They are the true definition of a team.


4. We are privately owned

Private Practice means that we own the practice.  We are not employed by a larger organization.  What does that mean for you? We can refer you to wherever you want to go, not where administration tells us to.  St. Lawrence Health Systems is certainly the closest, but we are not required to send you there.  Perhaps Burlington is better, or Plattsburgh, or SUNY upstate, or you have a favorite specialist in Watertown.  We will send you to where is best FOR YOU.  Not where our boss tells us to.  It’s the same for imaging and bloodwork.  We will get that test set up at the place that (in our opinion) does it best, and/or most timely.  You will never have to worry that we are looking out for a large heath corporations bottom line.


5. We are constantly innovating

We were the first in the county to set up a patient portal.  We opened up televisits the first week of the pandemic.  We started doing in house blood draws.  We have tablets in the office to do online paperwork.  We were the first in the county to set up remote patient monitoring.  We hired an RN to do case management, and chronic care management.  We evolve, we change and we grow.  We are always looking for new technologies and new programs, and new services we can provide to make your health care experience more rewarding.


6. We are never done learning

We love to learn.  Guidelines change, new studies come out and change recommendations. We stay on top of it.  We go to medical conferences, read articles and share it with each other and our staff.  We are clinical adjunct professors at Clarkson University, and spend many months of the year with students in our office, teaching the future generation.


7. We will always do what is right for you, even if you don’t like it

Did you know that famous actors actually get worse medical care than you?  It’s because they can afford to doctor shop until they find someone they can pay well enough to have them agree to do whatever they want.  (Not so ethical, but it’s sadly true).  Patient satisfaction is definitely important, but there are plenty of times that you want your doctor to do what is best for you, not what you want.

This is the difference between getting your stuffy nose checked out at your primary care doctor versus an urgent care.  We won’t give you antibiotics, or narcotics, or any other medication or test, unless you truly need it.


8. We are full service

Check out our services on our website.  We know how hard it is to get time off to get things done.  The more things we can offer you to be done in our facility, the easier your life will be.  You are busy, and the less stops you have to make to get your care done the better.


9. We collaborate with you

We may know the national guidelines, but we know that it isn’t a one size fits all decision. We want to know what you think, and what you feels best for you.  We will give you options and choices, and we will respect your choices for you.


10. We have been here almost 20 years, are local, and aren’t leaving.

Dr. Joanne grew up in trailer on the Marsh Rd in Raymondville.  Other than for her medical training, she lived here her entire life.  She knows the area and understands the people who live here.  Dr. Neil may not have grown up here, but lived in rural Maryland, and his family had a hobby farm growing up.  We love the slow pace of rural life.  We have grown roots here and are not leaving for bigger or brighter things.  You know when you come to us, we are with you for the long run.


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